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Leand Stanford
Gov of CA, Central + Southern Pacific railroads, Stanford University

govenor of CA, founded + presided over Central Pacific railroad, pres of Southern pacific railroad, started stanford university
James J HIl
developed Northern Railroad, financial struggle w/ JP Morgan led to Wall Street Panic
Jay Gould
caused Black Friday
Alxander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
inconsecent light bulb, phonograph
Cornelius Vanderbilt
connected country w/ railroads adn steam boats, unstable buisiness tactics led to Wall Stree Crash
Andrew Carnegie
created teh Caregie steel company to combined w/ the US Steel Corporation to create the larest steel company in the world

Wrote "Gospel of Wealth"

Used money to help libraries + public edu
John D. Rockefeller
created Standard Oil Company
controled most of US oil (monopoly)
used horizontal Integration
buisiness was liquified by Supreme Court
J.P Morgan
One of the most powereful and influential bankers at the time

Showed powere and arrogance of financial capitalism
Terrace Powderly
pres of Knights f Labor
most powerful under his leadership
Samuel Gompers
orginaized American Federation of Labor
orgnized skilled workers by trade
hated unions + union involvement in politics
called fro restriction on immigrands
John P Altgelt
defended indivicuals against gov power
Pardoned anarchist leaders is Haymarket Affair
Protested Clevelands descicion to send trops to Pullman coal strike
protect little guy
Robber Barons
A nivkname for people who monopolized industries + overcharged consumers (Rochefeller, Carnergie, JP Morgan)
Horizontal integration
monopolizing parts of an industry (Rochefeller)
Vertical Consolidation
MOnopolizing an entire industry -from raw materials to finished product (Carnegie)
Stock Watering
over exaerizing the assets and profit of a company to its stock and bonds will go up
when all competingmembers in a buisiness raise their prices at the saem time so they all amke a big profit
Holding Companies
when one company holds (owns) the stock forseveral companies
Made in response to Sherman Antitrust Act
A person on the board o directors in 1 comp is on the board of competing companies thereby eliminating competition
(must own enough stock in teh competing company to have enough power t choose board members and make descicions)
Interlocking Directories
A Company puts someone in power to influence competeing companies
Bessemer Process
turning iron into steep
Haymarket Affair
workers from the McCormick Harvesting Machine COmpany go on strike which began peacfully but someone threw a bomb and killed a policman (anarchists charged and found guilty)
Yellow Dog constract
workers must sign before being employed promising they won't be part of a union
Collective Bargaining
Face to face negotiations between unions adn the employer (union leaders represent entire union)
Strikes, Pickets, Boycotting
Strikes= refuse to work
Pickets = advertise strikes through signs
Boysotting = ask people no to buy product
Closed Shop
only hires union workers
states you were in a union (once fired can't fin any other work)
National Labor Union
1st national union
Represented iron wokers who wanted 8 hr work day
Downfall was alligning selvs w/ Greenback Labor Party
Pullman Strike
workers form teh Pullman Car Company went on strike when their pay was reduced
Refused to connect cars on the Pulman Train
Train used to carry gov mail So considered federal offense
Clevland sent troops to break up strike