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5 steps for effective training program?
1. Cond. training assessment
2. Set objectives
3. Design Training
4. Deliver Training
5. Evaluate Training
3 levels of training needs assessment
Organizational, job, and person levels
Application of training back to the job itself is called?
Transfer of training
Define "Identical Elements"
Job elements are identical to training elements
The Purpose of overlaping is to get people to achieve the state of ____ in doing job tasks.
Diference between massed training and spaced training and which is more effective?
Massed: Training sessions long in duration but during a short time. (BEST)
Spaced: Short sessions and spread over time.
Major disadvantage of E-learning?
Completion rate is less than 25%
Any training method that is self-paced is called?
What are the four types of training criteria (Evaluation)?
Training Level:
1- Reactions and
2- Learning
Performance Level:
1- Behavior and
2- Results
Three areas in which motivation affects behavior?
1. Direction
2. Intensity
3. Persistence
Why a need theory is a distal theory?
Deals with general needs that are translated into behavior in many ways.
What are Maslow's five needs hierarchy theory?
1. Physiological
2. Safety
3. Love
4. Esteem
5. Self-Actualization
According to Hertzberg, type of factors relevant to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Satisfaction: Motivator factors
Dissatisfaction: Hygiene factors
State the law of effect.
The probability of a behavior increases if it is followed by a reward or reinforcement.
List and define the three components that lead to force in the expectancy theory formula.
Force: Amount of motivation to engage in a task
Expectany: Subjective probab. that a person has about his ability to do it.
Valences: Value of an outcome or reward to a person
Instrumentality: Subjective probab. that the behavior results in reward.
Persons belief that he is capable of accomplishing the task is called
Expectancy or 1.0 subjective probability.
What are the two components in the equity theory ratio?
Outcomes / Inputs
Five steps of the action process of German Action theory.
1. Desire for something
2. Goal development
3. Plan Generation
4. Plan Execution
5. Feedback
A person's own self-fulfilling prophecy concerning his own capabilities is called the?
Galatea Effect
5 job facets
1. Pay
2. Promotion opportunities
3. Fringe Benefits
4. Supervision
5. Co-workers
6. Job Conditions
7. Nature of work
8. Communication
9. Security
List Hofstede's four work values that have been used to compare countries.
1. Individualism / Collectivistm
2. Masculinity
3. Power Distance
4. Uncertainty avoidance
Which job satisfaction instrument has been the most popular with researchers?
Job Descriptive Index (JDI)
5 core characteristics of the Hackman and Oldham job characteristics model.
1. Skill variety
2. Task Identity
3. Task significance
4. Autonomy
5. Task Feedback
What is a chronic kicker and who invented the term?
Indiv. continually complaining about the job. Found by the Hawthorne researchers.
Are men or women more satisfied with their jobs?
Job satisfaction has been well established by researchers to be a cause of...
Effort and Job Performance
3 types of organizational commitment
1. Affective commitment
2. Continuance commitment
3. Normative Commitment
Organizational commitment has been found to relate most strongly to...
Job Satisfaction, then job scope
3 sets of factors that determine job performace?
1. Ability
2. Motivation
3. Org. Constraints
Big 5 Dimensions of personality?
1. Extraversion
2. Emotional Stability
3. Agreeableness
4. Conscientiousness
5. Openness to experience
What is the relation between age and job performance
Older workers are as productive as younger ones.
According to Job characteristics theory, which type of person would perform better in a job that is high in its motivation potential score (MPS)?
Those with a high GNS (Growth, need, strenght)
Field that deals with interface between people and technology is called?
Ergonomics or Engineering Psychology
A conceptual understanding of how something works is called?
Mental Model
What is organizational citizenship behavior, OCB?
Behavior that goes beyond the formal requirements of the job and is beneficial for the organization.
What are the two major contributors to absence behavior?
1. Absence Culture
2. Absence Policies
Under what conditions will job satisfaction and intention to quit result in turnover?
When unemployment rate is LOW and Alternative Job Opportunities are HIGH
Under what conditions will a person who feels frustrated and dissatisfied at work resort to conterproductive behavior CWB?
Stressful Job Conditions + injustice = negative emotions ==> CWB