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Old immigration
10 million immigrants
Many Protestants from northwestern Europe
New immigration
-12 million immigrants.
-60% of people living in 12 largest cities either foreign-born or had foreign-born parents.
-70% from southern or eaastern Europe.
Powerful political party leaders. Headed big-city political machines: party organizations that used patronage, or appointments to government jobs, to control elections.
-Welcomed immigrants at dockside or at railroad stations, ready to offer assistance in return for their votes.
Native born americans
-saw immigration as a threat (culturally and economically)
-Blamed immigrants for society's ills
-based on prejudice and fear
-Originally destination towns for Jews during the Roman Empire.
-Forced areas for African Americans as a result of segregation laws.
Chinese Exclusion Act
-Nativist Response to chinese immigrants
-Denied citizenship to people born in China and prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers.