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Thiopentol: Mech of action, class, category
Category: Induction agent, sedative
Class: ultra-short acting barbiturate
Mech of action: Potentiation of GABA-A receptor (a ligand-gated Cl- channel) --> allows more Cl- to come into cell (R remains open longer)--> hyperpolarization
Thiopentol: metabolism/excretion, Desired effects, side effects, indications
Metabolism: redistribution is rapid, metabolism is SLOW
desired effects:CNS depression
side effects:
(1)Tissue necrosis if perivascular (infiltrate lidocaine+saline)
(2) arrhythomgenic-ventricular bigeminy
(3) rough recovery, animal hungover
(4) resp depression
Indications: eval laryngeal fxn
Thiopentol: Contraindications, Comments
Greyhounds--slow metabolism of thiopentol! very slow recovery
Cardiac dz-increases sensitivity
(1) obesity prolongs drug metabolism
(2) cannot give mult doses -cumulative effect
(3) rapid redistribution--animal awakens from 1st dose in 10-15 min
Propofol: Mech of action, class, category
Mech: Potentiate GABA-A receptor (ligand-gated Cl- channel)
class: substituted phenol
category: induction agent, sedative, hypnotic
Propofol: Metabolism/excretion, desired effects, side effects, indications for use
met: rapid redistrib, rapid met
desired effects: CNS depression (rapid alert recovery, minimal hangover)
side effects: HYPOTENSION (d/t vasodilation)
Apnea (preoxygen patient to avoid)
Myoclonus and paddling
Propofol: indications, contraindications, comments
indications: none
contraindications: decreases CO, CP dz!
comments: Awaken from first dose in 10-15 min d/t redistribution, can give mult doses or CRI d/t rapid met.
Supports growth of bacteria/yeast--keep max 12 hrs.
Cirrhosis and dec GFR minimally affect metabolism (RBC, lung drug met take over)
Etomidate: category, class, mech
Mech: potentiate GABA-A R
category: induction agent, hypnotic
class: ?
Etomidate: metabolism, desired effects, side effects, indications
Metabolism: rapid (hepatic) w/ rapid redistribution
desired effects: CNS depression
side effects: Adrenocortical suppression (PseudoAddisonian) px w. saline, increase K+ avaliable (insulin, glucose, saline, Ca), dexamethasone
myoclonus, vocalization
Indications: SEVERE CO disturbed patients (b/c has minimal CV effects)
Etomidate: contraindications, comments
contraindications: cats (propylene glycol carrier), Adrenocortical insufficiency or suppression (from chronic dz)
painful to inject!