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Definition - Hypothesis
An Educated Guess or Theory
Definition - Experiment
Testing of your hypothesis in a CONTROLLED way so that others can replicate it.
What are the different systems effected by massage
Connective tissue
there are 5 different systems
Definition - Homeostasis
Internal Balance of the body
Definition - Cortisol
Stress Hormone
Definition - Oxytosin
Bonding Hormone
Released during child birth
What systems do the Reflexive types of massage effect
Nervous endocrinde and chemical systems
How does the reflexive massage effect the different systems A)Involuntarily
C)All of the above
A) Involuntarily (reflexes are an involuntary reaction to something)
What system do the Mechanical types of massage effect?
Soft tissue, Body Fluids, Intestinal contents
What are the Three sections of the Nervous system?
Central Nervous system
Peripheral Nervous system
Autonomic Nervous system
Neuro-endocrine substances do what?
carry messages and regulate physical reactions
What two Branches are the autonomic influences devided into?
Sympathetic - Fight or Flight
Para sympathetic - rest and rejuvination
What are the three states of General Adaptation Syndrome?
1. Alarm Reaction
2. Resistance Stage
3. Exhaustion
Cop pulling you over feeling
Definition - Entrainment
Natural Rhythems of the body (Coordination of Synchronization)
slow rocking motion feeling
Definition - State dependent memory
When your muscles house memory and emotion