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How much of Indiana is farmland?
about 2/3
what are the steps to forming coal (in order)?
1. plants grew 2. dead plants were covered by sand 3. as it pressed down some sand turned to rock. 4. plants under the sand become coal
What natural resource can be found in quarries?
which renewable resource can be found in southern Indiana?
which condition brings us warn summers?
the northern hemisphere is tilting toward the sun
which conditio brings us cold winters?
northern himishpere is tilting away from the sun
What are Indiana's two most important farm products?
corn & soybeans
Long periods of time with little or no precipitation is known as what?
a drought
torados form when...?
winds in a thunderstorm move at different speeds and in different directions
what word describes natural substances found in the ground?
What is the result of "lake effect"?
cooler summers and winter's heavy snow in northern Indiana
Snow, rain, sleet and hail are . . .?
Warm air that holds a large amount of moisture is said to be . . ?
Indiana is about half-way between the North Pole and the Equator. Because of this we have what kind of climate?
All the plants and animals in the environment make up the...
Which animal disappeared from Indiana's biosphere when its habitat was taken over by settlements?
A resource that can be made again by nature or by people is . .
a renewable resource
A resource that cannot be made again is . .
a non-renwable resource
Which of Indiana's non-renewable resources can be used as fuel?
Coal or natural gas
Which famous Hoosier's home in the Limberlost Swamp near Geneva, Indiana has been preserved as a State Historic Site?
Gene Stratton Porter