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Harappan cities were notable for their--
grid-like layout and underground sewers
the existence of trade between Mesopotamia and Indus civilization is known because--
Harappan seals were found in Mesopotamia
What product were the people of the Indus first to grow?
What geographical features separate the Indian subcontinent from Asia?
Himalayas and Hindu Kush
What were the 2 great ancient cities of the Indus?
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
Along what river were ancient Harappan cities built?
What were the Vedas?
Hindu religious writings introduced by Aryans
Who was Buddha?
What evidence suggests that the Indus civilizations were well-planned?
uniformly designed cities, sewer and well systems, centralized granaries
What were Harappan seals?
they were used for trade records but they cannot be deciphered
How did the people of Ancient India make a living?
farming, trading
Who was founder of Buddhism?
Classical language of ancient India?
What happened during the Gupta Empire?
Golden Age, numeral system developed, force was used to gain control
Who were the untouchables?
pariahs/dalits, beneath the caste system, performed unwanted jobs
What realization did Buddha have?
answered why people suffer
What is dharma?
one's personal duty
What is karma?
determining factor in what form a person's soul would take in his/her next life
If you follow the Eightfold Path, what is your goal?
Eliminate desire and achieve Nirvana
Where would one find the main ideas of Buddhism?
Four Noble Truths
What is the oldest religion in India?
What is the caste system?
applied to every member of India it placed people in particular varnas based on their occupation; hereditary
Hindu belief taht one's actions in life impact the soul's future lives
What is the ultimate goal of Hindus?
reunion with Brahma
Buddhist belief in suffering
Buddhism; enlightened state
Four Noble Truths
Buddhist belief; steps for eliminating suffering
Eigthfold Path
Buddhism; steps for elminating suffering
another name for castes
release from the Hindu cycle of reincarnation
What proof exists that Indus cities were well planned?
uniformly designed cities, grid layout, sewer and well system
Why do we know less about Indus civilization than Egypt and Mesopotamia?
we can't decipher their writing
Who were the Aryans?
invaders who settled in the Indus region around 1500 BC and introduced India to the caste system
The caste system divides people based on their--
What beliefs are shared by Hinduism and Buddhism?
reincarnation; philosophical structure suggesting appropriate moral behavior
other name for caste
Who was Asoka?
prince/emperor who converted to Buddhism and helped spread it through much of Asia by paying missionaries
Which religion that was native to the Indian subcontinent spread to southeast Asia, east Asia (including eventually Korea and Japan)