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art criticism
-the formalized process of accounting for our responses to art
-legalistic approach that is a rigidly framed analysis
-based on analysis of the elements of the artwork, including line, shape, color, texture
-critic who relies totally on emotional response to artwork
-first discrimination is based on parts of the artwork
-syntheis unifies all of the analytical perceptions and occurs through insight
popular criticism
-offered by the general public
-majority rule
-public likes their art digestible and familiar
art reviews
-should be factually informative
-should summarize
-should excite patronage
self-adjusting method
-revisit the aesthetic situation
-give the art a second consideration
-consistent and characteristic handling of media, elements of form and principles of design
-make it identifiable to a particular culture, region or time
cultural style
-shared characteristics of style that allow us to identify broad cultural characteristic over a period of time
period style
-span of years that exhibits binding style characteristics
regional style
-more narrow categories of geographic styles in autonomous regions like Paris
group style
-occurs when artists form alliance and exhbit together to promote a distinctive style
personal style
-traits that will occur only in that master's work
art nouveau
-french term meaning "new art"
-characterized by twisting lines and contours
pueblo style
-regional pottery style of the Pueblo people in new mexico
-french style of painting
-depicted scenes of contemporary life, landscape in freely painted, light, colorful manner
-degas, manet
Spirit spouse
-African sculpture depicting the ideal woman
-abstract style
-Indian sculpture with sensuous curves and shows movement in hip, spine, and neck
closed form
-self contained form
-doesn't interact with surroundings
open form
-contour is irregular or broken
-interacts with surroundings
one point perspective
-all the lines are parallel, yet seem to converge at single vanishing point
atmospheric perspective
-non linear means for giving the illusion of depth
isometric perspective
-parallel lines remain parallel
-don't converge
- painting pigment is supspended in a binder of hot wax
-pigments suspended in water are applied to damp plaster surface
-any coloring agent made from natural or synthetic substance
-material used in paint that causes pigment particles to adhere to one another
-liquid emulsion used as spreading agent in paint
egg tempera
-water based paint that uses egg as a binder
-thick paint applied to a surface in a heavy manner
-thin, transparent layer brushed over another layer over paint
-mixture of glue and chalk applied as a coating to surfaces to prepare them to recieve paint
-clear plastic used as a binder in paint