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eight Incan Royal step
took king out of grave for ceremonies
What was the first step of the Incan Royal mummification process?
sat king on thrown
ninth Incan Royal step
on certain days, common people were aloud to see it
sixth Incan Royal step
plaved in a vanet with tonail, fingernail, and hair clippings
third Incan Royal step
head bent over his knees
second Incan Royal step
arms crossed over chest
Who did the Incan Royals mummify?
kings and king's family members
Who did the Sythians mummify?
Their dead kings
fourth Incan Royal step
silver and/or gold placed in mouth and fists
seventh Incan Royal step
favorite wives, servants, and lamas were buried with him
fifth Incan Royal step
dressed body in fancy cloth, covered body, and wrapped face