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What are you going to have? (S)
Qué va a tomar?
What are you going to have? (P)
Qué van a tomar
And to drink?
Y para beber?
Anything else?
Algo más
Yes 2 beers please.
Si, dos cervezas por favor
No nothing else.
No, nada, más.
Are there chips?
Hay patatas frites?
No there are not.
No, no hay
I want a Spanish omlette, and to drink, a beer please.
Quiero una tortilla espanola, y para beber, una cervesa, por favor.
Waiter please.
Oiga por favor (polite)
What would you like?
Qué desea (singular) desean? (plural)
In what am I able to serve you?
En qué puedo servile?
to be able to
to be useful for / to serve
for me
para mi
straight away
ahora mismo
Would you like to eat something? (informal)
quieres comer algo (informal)
would you like to have something? (formal)
quiere tomer algo? (formal)
Are there any rolls?
Hay algo unos bocadilla?