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What is it? (enter) What is it Ms. Mengham, what do you want?
Sorry to disturb you Doctor Bekker, are you available?
It so happens Ive just had a cancellation another suicide.
Another suicide?
Yes, this one threw himself into some factory's so unpleasant really, but what can you do?
so...I could possibly see you now?
I really dont feel like it
Dont turn me out doctor, dont make me go back out there...please, my husband left me!
Oh...youre all so persistent
Thank you.
yes, yes, what is it this time?
You werent very receptive to the idea before i know...but i thought that perhaps see doctor...well...its about happy vales and i...
ah yes, the ever elusive happy veils. i want to make it quite clear that, as in the past, i dont for a minute suspect you of lunacy. few are chosen to spend their days in the ease and comfort of Happy veils. youre not half mad enough to go there.dont think youre going to strong arm your way into some fantasyland institution. What makes you so important that you shouldnt have to work like all the rest of us? youre not special, and i dont want to hear any more about it.
Im not special? How would you like to be in my position. Then you might begin to understand, what its like.
would you like to know what its like being a doctor?
At least id be a good doctor. Id do it properly!
Perhaps we should try a bit of role playing, how about that?
You mean, i can pretend to be the doctor?
why not?
Ha! alright then. now you might learn what its like being on the receiving end. ill show you...
i thought you wanted to be a good doctor.
well, eventually. but first, ill give you a taste of your own medicine. ill need to sit in your chair doctor.
ill pretend ive just arrived shall i?
hope you remembered to make an appointment!
good morning doctor. how are we this morning?
No! I ask you how you are. How are you Mr. Bekker, how swells the feeling?
Couldnt be better Rene. I mean doctor mengham.
Oh really? then why have you come to see me then? come come hemming whats your problem? sit lad sit.
alright. perhaps it could be better yes. I admit, thats what im doing here. I want to improve my life doctor mengham, in fact, i want to make things better.
You dont understand! im so unhappy with the self ive got. why are other people always more fortunate? why didnt i have a happy home? why am i so fat? tell me doctor, explain it to me...
youll have to live with it im afraid. youre simply going to have to buckle down like everyone else and get on wiht it...ha! see where that gets you! oh but, before you go, take a look at this.
whats that?
this my friend is what will change your mind.
you think so?
oh im positive! here look, its an invitation to one of the most beautiful places on earth. a place of quietness, of self discovery...see these lodges? you could be living here! a room of your own, with hot meals served at regular hours...
where did you get that/
who could ask for more....than happy vales! why tumble to the streets if you could live here?
thats a classified emergency document...
ooh look! you get a daily meeting with top comforters...
hand it over rene.
its my pamphlet. i found it.
give it to me!
give it back!
im the doctor!
come down rene!
This is highly unprecedented!
Let go!!
Ill call for help!
Games over Rene, back to the couch. Get off my desk.
Why cant i go? Why wont you let me in!
This is a last resort rene.
oh doctor bekker, but i feel so unwell. and now all alone.
your ideal asylum wont make you feel any better.
but it must do some good! ive worked hard! surely i deserve an opportunity to grow fat!
you really want your energy drained from you day by day by day?
Yes! Yes!
You really want to be helpless?
Oh doctor bekker, please let me in. please sign for me-i do so desperately need a group! a group you know? Please im begging you. let me go to happy vales. id do anything, anything at all.
at all
well theres always money you know.
i really have to get in there...i must i must i must.
all those forms...its quite an expensive business.
i know that im loose in the head! im doolally doctor! doited, off my onion
youre not listening to me are you/
out of my tree, off my chump, dippy, loco, loopy; unexpurgatedly cuckoo!
Oh for goodness sakes, Rene! get up woman get up!
I know you can do it! please!
Alright look. ill give you one very last chance. what it comes down to is this. i can get you to happy veils alright, the entire matter depends on what youre willing to pay me.
yes rene, money.
you want me to pay you...
get over it rene.
to get into happy vales.
yes rene, now how much would it be worth to you? give you everything i have!
that sounds promising
id never need again!
mhm. payment is to be made in cash. and if you so much as breathe a word about this transaction to anyone, its off. understood?
of course doctor perfectly. itll be out little secrt. thank you doctor, you dont know what this means to me.
give me a call once youve settled things
will do
all right then. goodbye
goodbye doctor! i wont let you down!