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Do Italians express different degrees of formality?
What would you say if you want to know what something means?
Cosa vuol dire?
What woudl you say if you did not hear clearly what your instructor has said?
Ripeta, per favore.
What would you say if you want to ask how to say book in Italian?
Come si dice "book" in italiano?
What letter in Italian is never pronounced?
What would you say if you do not understand what your instructor has said?
Non Capisco.
Are professors ever called by their first name?
The equivalent of -ta
Is the combination of "ch" and "gh" a soft sound or hard sound?
soft sound
What would you say if you dont know how to pronounce a word?
Come si pronuncia?
On what syllable are most Italian words stressed?
Which letters were added to the Italian alphabet to spell foreign words?
j, k, w, x, y
The equivalent of -za
What would you say if you dont know how to spell a word?
Come si scrive?
The equivalent of -oso
When do "c" and "g" have a soft sound?
before "e" or "i"
The equivalent of -tion