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1 lateral (collateral) ligament of ankle
2 Posterior talofibular ligament
3 Fibulocalcaneal ligament
4 Anterior talofibular ligament

These ligaments resist inversion displacements of plantar flexed ankle. The anterior talofibular is injured in a "sprained ankle"
Lateral Ankle
1 Medial (deltiod) ligament of ankle
2 Posterior tibiotalar part
3 Tibiocalcaneal part
4 Tibionavicular part
5 Anterior tibiotalar part
medial ankle
1 Iliofemoral Ligament
2 Ischiofemoral Ligament - pulls femoral head in by twisting
3 Pubofemoral Ligament
major ligaments of hip joint
1 Radial collateral ligament
2 Annular ligament of radius
3 ulnar collateral ligament
ligaments of anterior elbow