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Barack Obama, Democrat
Vice President
Joe Biden, D
Rep Candidates
Mccain/ Palin
Pa Senior US Senator
Arlen Spector, D
Pa Junior US Senator
Robert Casey, D
6th District US Congressman
Jim Gerlach, R
Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi, D
House Majority Leader
Steny Hoyer, D
House Minority Leader
John Boehner, R
Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid, D
Senate Minority Leader
Mitch McConnell, R
White House Cheif of Staff
Rahm Emmanuel, D
Secretary of Homeland Security
Janet Nepolitano, D
Director of National Intelligence
Dennis Blair
Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, D
Secretary of Treasury
Timothy Geithner, D
Secretary of Defense
Robert Gates, R
Attorney General
Eric Holder, D
National Security Advisor
James L Jones Jr.
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Ben Bernanke
Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court
John Glover Roberts Jr
Gov of Pennsylvania
Ed Rendell, D
State Senator
Daylin Leach D
LM State Reps
Michael Gerber D
Tim Briggs D
Kathy Manderino D