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What was the name of the telegram sent to Mexico suggesting an alliance with Germany against the U.S.?
Zimmerman Message
Who was the Secretary of State responsibile for the Open Door Policy with China?
John Hay
What is a long-range cause?
Something which builds over a long period of time
Why did the U.S. never sign the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I?
The Senate refused to ratify the treaty, wanting the U.S. to become more isolated.
What part of Europe was known as "the powder keg'?
The Balkan Peninsula
What were the long-range causes of World War I?
Nationalism, imperialism, militarism and alliances
Why did the U.S. sell Liberty Bonds?
to raise money to pay for World War I
Where was the treaty signed which ended World War I?
Versailles Palace, outside of Paris
How did soldiers protect themselves from the new, deadly weapons of World War I?
they dug trenches
What was the purpose of the War Industries Board?
to oversee production of war goods in the U.S.
What name was given to the line of trenches which stretched 400 miles from Switzerland to the North Sea?
western front
What name was given to German submarines?
What is it called when there is a situation where neither side can win?
a stalemate
What is a balance of power?
A situation where rivals have nearly equal strength
What countries formed the Triple Entente?
Great Britain, France and Russia
The Boxer Rebellion took place in China because the Chinese people were angry because of the foreigners in their country.
In the U.S., who can declare war?
only Congress can declare war
Who represented Great Britain at the peace talks?
Prime Minister, David Lloyd George
What meant "areas where foreign nations control trade and natural resources"?
spheres of influence
What countries formed the Triple Alliance?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
What name was given to U.S. troops which fought in Europe?
American Expeditionary Force
What event started World War I?
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
Who was the Secretary of State responsible for the purchase of Alaska?
William Seward
Who was the commander of the American Expeditionary Force?
Gen. John J. Pershing
Because there were not enough men in the U.S. army, what law was passed by Congress?
Selective Service Act
What was President Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace to avoid future wars?
The Fourteen Points
What is an agreement to stop fighting a war called?
an armistice
What word means "avoiding involvement with other countries"?
Who represented the United States at Versailles?
President Woodrow Wilson
Who represented France at the Versailles peace talks?
Premier Georges Clemenceau
Who was the Italian representative at Versailles?
Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando
What is the use of sensational, often exaggerated news stories called?
yellow journalism
Established the U.S. as the "police officer" of the Western Hemisphere
Roosevelt Corollary
What stated that the U.S. did not intend to take over Cuba?
Teller Amendment
Building an empire by taking over other countries is called
What U.S. battleship exploded in the harbor of Havana, leading to war with Spain in 1898?
U.S.S. Maine
Who was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and whose assassination led to World War I?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What was the name of the volunteer unit of soldiers organized by Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War?
Rough Riders
What name was given to Taft's foreign policy of using U.S. economic power and investment to influence Latin American countries?
dollar diplomacy
The U.S. had followed a policy of isolationism since the days of George Washington.
Who was the last queen of Hawaii?
Who is said to have "opened the door" to trade with Japan?
Commodore Matthew Perry
Hawaii was annexed when Queen Liliuokalani asked the U.S. govenment to make Hawaii a U.S. territory.
What country had tried to build a canal in Panama, 20 years before the U.S.?
Who was responsible for ridding the Canal Zone of yellow fever?
Dr. William Gorgas
What is another word for a bonus payment, such as the one given to sugar producers in 1890?