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What is Imperialism?
a stronger nation imposes its political, militry, or economic needs onto a weaker nation
What nation was the world's superpower in 1890? Who ruled it?
Britain, Queen Victoria
How much land did Britain control? What were they (10)?
1/4 of land surface. India, parts of Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada, Burma, Malasia (Singapore), Packistan, Bangledesh, Hong Kong
Name four examples of the US opposing imperialim.
Monroe Doctrine (warned Europe not to recolonize South America)

Revolutionary War (did not want Britain controling US)

Washington farewell address (warned us to stay out of international problems)

Cleaveland's Hawaii speech (1893)
Motives for imperialism: #1
Military: Mahan persuaded US to make more naval bases
Motives for Imperialism: #2
Markets: the depression left 20% of America unemployed
Motives for Imperialism: #3
Paternalism: "White Man's Burden" - Kipland
During what years did the motives for Imperialism develop?
What were the two causes of the Spanish-American War? 2 sparks?
Cuba and sugar plantations. Yellow journalism and the USS Maine.
What was going on in Cuba before the Spanish-American War?
Cuba was a Spanish colony. Cubans began using guerila warfare to gain independence, but many were put in reconcentration camps.
Why were sugar plantations a cause of the Spanish American War?
American's sugar plantations were jeopardized by the guerila war.
When was the Spanish-American War?
What was yellow journalism?
A competition to between two newspapers (Hearst and Pulitzer)to sell 1 million copies. They both exaggerated war stories to sell more newspapers.
Why was the USS Maine a spark of the Spanish-American war?
The newspapers said that the Spanish blew up the USS Maine. It actually had technical problems.
Who formed the Rough Riders?
Teddy Roosevelt
What did the US aquire after the Spanish-American War?
The Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, NOT CUBA
How much did the US pay for the Philippines?
$20 million
Why didn't the US aquire Cuba after the Spanish-American War?
Teller Amendment: stated that the US did not want to take over any part of Cuba
What were two ways that the US governed their new lands?
Foraker Act and Insular Act
What was the Foraker Act?
Established a government/pattern of control for the Philippines
What was the Insular Act?
Supreme Court cases led US to believe that the Constitution does not "follow the flag"
What was the established government in the Philippines?
1) military dictatorship (rebellion)
2) military governor, upper house (appt. by president)
3) lower house (elected by natives)
4) military governor (appt. by president)
What was Commonwealth Status in the Philippines? How long did this go on?
The natives elected/ran all except defense. 1848-1946.
Describe the former market of Hawaii.
3/4 of the islands' welath came from American owned sugar plantations. America agreed to import sugar duty free.
How was the duty free status of sugar growers changed?
McKinly Tariff of 1890 eliminated the duty free status of sugar growers in hawaii
How was the Hawaii constitution changed and who changed it?
The original Const. of Hawaii limited voters to wealthy property owners. Queen Liliuolcalani removed this requiremnt.
Under which president did Hawaii become American territory?
William McKinley.
When did Hawaii become a state?
What is paternalism?
Sharing the "blessings" of America with the rest of the world.
Describe missionary impulses.
Social Darwinism led Anglo-Saxons to believe that they were superior. They felt that the US had the reponsability to spread Christianity.
What is ethnocentrism?
The Native American belief that their way of life is better than the American way of life.
Which newspapers did Hearst and Pulitzer publish?
Hearst = New York Journal
Pulitzer = New York World
What was the De Lome Letter? Who sent it? What was the reaction of the American public?
A letter from the spanish minister criticizing President McKinley. It was leaked to a newspaper. Spain apologized but Americans were very upset.
What were two non-colonial interventions made by the US?
Dollar diplomacy and missionary diplomacy.
What is dollar diplomacy?
Us interviens to protect US property/investments/trade.
What is missionary diplomacy?
Us intervens in someone elses' government as we view it as immoral or abusive.
Where was dollar diplomacy used?
China, Cuba, and Panama.
How was dollar diplomacy used in China?
Open Door Policy: open access (to US) to all Chinese ports.
How was dollar diplomacy used in Cuba?
Cuba added the Platt Amendment to their Constitution: could not engage in foreign trade.
How was dollar diplomacy used in Panama?
It was owned by Columbia and needed a canal. US persuaded Panamanians to rebel which led to good terms for the Panama Canal.
What was Mark Twain's opinion of the US becoming a colonial power?
He questioned the motives of imperialism. However, he had little influence over foreign power.
What group did Andrew Carnegie belong to and what was it's view of Imperialism?
Anti-Imperialist League. Opposed (duh).
Who was Emilio Aguinaldo?
He was a rebel leader that wanted the Philippines to be free