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domination of one country over another, extension of nation's power over others land
motives for imperialism
economic, national rivalries, social darwinism, missionaries
new markets,raw materials
national rivalries
size of empire = national greatness
social darwinism
darwin's theory survival of the fittest
converting people trying to "civilize" the natives
Indirect control
relieing on existing political rulers to rule
retained gov't but change it to rule in european
goal was to develope future european leaders
Direct control
ruling in the country
White Man's Burden
a poem about how white men are superior and it is their burden it civilize everyone else
Scramble for africa
European colonies completeing for african land
Berlin Conference 1884-85
where they decided which countries got which parts of africa, basically set up rules for the african scramble
King Leopold
king of Belgim, treated natives very poorly and made them work-- everyone hated him
Congo Free State
personal possesion of king leopold, not free or a state
Joseph's Conrad's Heart of Darkness
witnessed and wrote about leopold's regime and how horrible he treated people
Henry M. Stanley, David Livingstone
Stanley was a journalist who went to central africa and found Livingstone who went missing years ago in 1871, it interested people in europe to explore
effect colonization had on native people
they tried to resist, they only suceeded in Ethiopia
Boer War
Boers (dutch settlers) against the brittish for land -- the brittish won
total war
when you destroy everything instead of just the other force
2.transportation (trains)
3.hospitals (new medicine technology)
4.sanitation (sewers) for democracy
1.conflicts between tribes
3.assimulation - loss of traditional freedom
4.forced labor
5.loss of land