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What is Imperalisim?
it occurs when a strong nation takes over a weaker nation or region and dominates its economic, political, or cultural life.
Socail Darwinism
the belief that all human groups compete for survival, and that the stronger groups will replace the weaker groups.
Motives of european imperialism
Economic- The Industrial Revolution created an insatiable demand for raw materials and new markets
Nationalism-European nations wanted to demonstrate their power and prestige to the world.
Balance of powers-European nations were forced to acquire new colonies to achieve a balance with their neighbors and competitors.
white mans burden-The Europeans’ sense of superiority made them feel obligated to “civilize the heathen savages” they encountered.
Berlin Conference 1884-1885
To prevent war the 14 european nations met at the Berlin Confrence to lay down rules for the division of Africa.They agreed that any European country could claim land in Africa by notifying other nations of their claims and showing they could control the area.
zulu's were taken over by the English and their land became British controlled in 1887. Socail Darwinism and imperalisim was used to supress them
Suez canal
Manmade waterway that cut through the Isthmus of Suez. It connected the Red sea and the mediterranean. It was bulit mainily with french money and egyptain labor. It was opened 1869.
indian soilders who were lead by British officers. Since the sepoy's are Muslims who dont eat pork and hindus how find the cow sacred they were shocked at the idea of eating it. There was a rumor that said the English were putting animal fat on the casings of the bullets so when they bit off the top they would get some of the animal fat in their mouths wich is against there religions so the sepoys rebelled against the british.
"jewel in the crown"
The most valuable of all of Britans colonies which was considred India. The industrial revolution tured it into Britans workshop. It was a major supplier of raw materials.
King Mongut
Siam mondernized itself under his rule. They started schools,reformed the legal system,and reorganized the government. It also built its own railroads and telegraph system and ended slavery.
Queen Liluokalani
Hawaiian ruler that took the throne in 1893. she called for a new constitution that would increase her power. It would also restore the political power of Hawaiians at the expense of wealthy planters. She was removed in 1893.