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what are the 5 most common STDs?
what are the symptoms of chlamydia?
-pain during urination
-abnormal vaginal or penile discharge
-can cause pelvic inflammatory disease
what are the symptoms of herpes?
-red bumps turn into blisters turn into sores
-symptoms come in outbreaks
what are the symptoms of gonorrhea?
-in women: bleeding during sex, burning pain during urination, bloody vaginal discharge
-in men: burning during urination, pus from penis, swollen testis
what are the symptoms of syphilis?
-chancres where the infection enters the body
-swollen lymph glands
-skin rash
-sore throat
-in advanced cases can severly damage almost all body systems
what are the symptoms of HPV?
-only way to detect it is through abnormal cervical cells
-there is now a vaccine for HPV
what are the early symptoms of HIV?
-loss of appetite
-night sweats
-enlarged lymph nodes
what are the consequences of the stigma about HIV/AIDS?
-prevents access to testing, counseling, and other services