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T cells
60-70% total lymphocyte count; decreased in AIDS, DiGeorge, adenine deaminase deficiency
B cells
10-20% total lymphocyte count; decreased in Bruton's, adenine deaminase deficiency
Antigen presenting cells
B cells, macrophages, dendritic cells
Langerhan's cells
antigen presenting cell in skin
Major histocompatibility complex
chromosome 6; HLA genes for self-identity
Class I proteins
recognized by CD8 T cells and NK cells
Class H proteins
recognized by CD4 Th cells
Type I reactions
IgE antibodies; mast cells; wheal and flare with bee sting
Type II reactions
antibody-mediated; Goodpasture's syndrome, rheumatic fever
Type III reactions
immune complex-mediated; SLE glomerulonephritis
Type IV reactions
cellular immunity; granuloma, positive PPD
Delayed reaction hypersensitivity reactions
CD4 Th cells and macrophages
Cytotoxic reactions
CD8 T cells; killing viral infected cells and neoplastic cells
Graft viability based on
ABO compatibility most important; HLA match
allograft that is not rejected
Hyperacute rejection
type II hypersensitivity; ABO incompatibility or anti-HLA antibodies
Acute rejection
predominately cell-mediated reaction; MC rejection
Graft vs host reaction
jaundice, rash, bloody diarrhea
IgA immunodeficiency
MC hereditary immunodeficiency; giardiasis, allergies
Bruton's agammaglobulinemia
XR; pre B cannot develop into B cells; S. pneumoniae infections
DiGeorge syndrome
failure 3rd/4th pharyngeal pouches to develop; T cell deficiency; absent thymus
S/S of DiGeorge syndrome
absent thymic shadow; Candida, Pneumocystis infections; hypoparathyroidism
Adenine deaminase deficiency
AR; combined B and T cell deficiency; gene therapy
Wiskott Aldrich syndrome
XR; combined B and T cell deficiency; eczema, thrombocytopenia
MC acquired immunodeficiency
attaches to gp 120 ir. CD4 Th cells; cytolytic; reverse transcriptase
HIV transmission
MC sexually-transmitted; anal intercourse in homosexuals MCC
HIV transmission in health care workers
accidental needle stick from HIV positive patient
Follicular dendritic cell
reservoir for HIV in lymph nodes in latent phase
AIDS clinical diagnosis
HIV positive plus CD4 Th cell 5 200 cells/µL or AIDS-defining condition
MC AIDS-defining disorder
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
Screening test for HIV
ELISA test; detects anti-gp 120
Confirmatory test for HIV
Western blot
HIV test with two peaks
p24 antigen; positive prior to seroconversion and when AIDS is diagnosed
MC cancer in AIDS
Kaposi sarcoma
MC infections CD4 Th < 100 cells/pL
CMV, toxoplasmosis, M avium-intracellulare
HIV immunity granted by
CCR5 and CXCR4
Hereditary angioedema
deficiency C 1 esterase inhibitor; L C2, C4, normal C3