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What type of immunity can be invoked in response to tumors
Both Cell-mediated and Humoral immunity
What are tumor-associated transplantation antigens (TATAs)
Antigens normally expressed only at certain stages of differentiation or only by certain lineages of cells
What are tumor-specific transplantation antigens of chemically induced tumors
Each tumor from a given chemical compound will express different antigens in the same host cell type
What are tumor-specific transplantation antigens associated with viruses
Each tumor from a given virus will express the same antigens, regardless of host cell type.
What are some viruses implicated in tumors
Epstein-Barr virus (Burkitt's lymphoma); Human papilloma virus (HPV); Hepatitis B and C viruses
What are the adaptive immune responses against tumors
1. Antibody mediated. Anti-tumor antibodies and complement; B cells recognize tumor antigens and secrete Ig
2. T cell mediated. Recognize tumor antigens with MHC 1; CD4 cells activate cytokine production
How do tumors actively evade the immune system
Sneaking through (few antigenic determinants masks their numbers); Tumor treated as self; Antigenic modulation; Down regulation of MHC class 1
How do tumor cells passively evade the immune system
Immunodeficiency of the host; Immunosuppresion (both Iatrogenic and tumor-induced); Enhancing (blocking) antibodies