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Lymphoid cells
T, B, NK
Myeloid cells
Monocytes, macrophages and granulocytes
LGL morphology
NK cells, 10% of Th and 50% of Tc
Non LGL morphology
B cells, 90% of Th and 50% of Tc
Markers on T cells
TCR and CD3
Markers on B cells
Igs, Igalpha and Ig beta
Markers on NK cells
Function of neutrophils
phagocytosis and degranulation
Function of eosinophils
Degranulation, phagocytose esp. parasitic worms
Function of basophils
role against parasites, releases histamine by degranulation and gives symptoms of allergy
Types of APCs
Langerhaans, follicular dendritic cell and interdigitating cells
Function of Langerhaans cells
Rich in class II; carries Ag from skin to the T cells in LN
Function of follicular dendritic cells
present native antigen to B cells; high level of Fc receptors so that they can bind a lot of Ag and present it to other B cells
Function of interdigitating cells
delete t cells that react against self antigens
Primary lymphoid organs
thymus, bone marrow and fetal liver