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Most abundant Ig type in the serum
Sticks around the longest
PLACENTA TRANSFER (protects fetus)
-subtypes IgG1-4
Action is intravascular, interstitial, transplacental.
What determines the class of Antibody?
The heavy chain determines the class of Ab.
-pentameric form; largest
-joined by J chain
-FIRST produced in first immune response
-intravascular action (stays in bloodstream)
-Dimer formed by j chain.
-Secretory component
-found in mucosal membranes, secretions, and breast milk.
-predominates in breast milk, tears, saliva
found on B cell surfaces as an antigen receptor
little is secreted.
-minute in serum unless during allergic rxns., parasitic infections, and asthma.
-binds to mast cells to cause release of inflamm. mediators.
-site of action is subq, submucosal.
Primary response
-1 week lag phase
-slow increase
-low plateau
-low Ab affinity
Secondary Response
-1 to 2 day lag phase
- Rapid rate of increase
-high plateau
-high affinity of Ab
-IgG >IgM
Structure of an Immunoglobulin
-4 polypeptide chains, 2 identical heavy and 2 identical light
-bilaterally symmetrical
- 2 types of light chains (kappa and lambda); same on both sides of an Ig.
Where is the antigen binding site?
Ag binding site is the hypervariable heavy chain and the light chain regions (the variable regions)
More Ig structure description
-has histamine residues
- lets the unit bend and flex
-has Fab region where antigen binding site is
-Fc is where the Ig binds to the surface of the phagocyte
-The heavy chain determines the isotype of the Ig