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penicillian was discovered by
alexander fleming
the protein coat on a virus is called a
virus multiplies and causes the infected cell to burst and die results in.....
acute disease
virus inserts its nucleic acid into our DNA. This is called?
viral intetgration
This disease destroys rbc's causing hemolytic anemia
this sickness infects the brain causing coma and death
sleeping sickness
infects cells of small not life threatening intestine causing diarrhea.
first step in getting rid of any foreign agent that has invaded the human body
nonself recognition
uniform responses to all types of foreign agents
nonspecific defenses
specific responses to individual types of foreign agents
specific defenses
What are the functions of the Lymphatic System?
1. Filter lymph and phagozitize foreign agents. for lymphocytes to mature.
What are physical barriers of defense against disease?
1. species
2. physical
3. secretions
4. body processes
proteins produced by cells infected with virues.
what kind of response to vacines produce?
primary immune response