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_______ and __________ are the 2 major defenses that protect against diseases and other problems when the body is invaded by organisms
Inflammation and immunity
The process use defensesses needed for immunity are?
Antibody-mediated immunity
Cell mediated immunity
Full ________ requires the function and interaction of all 3 processes
The purpose of inflammation and immunity is to...
neutralize, eliminate or destory organisms that invade the internal environment
Immune system uses defense actions only against ________ proteins and cells
The immune system can distinguish between the bodys own _______ cells and other non-self proteins and cells
Examples of ___________ proteins and cells:
Infected body cells
cancer cells
invading cells and organisms
Inflammation that prevents or limits entry of invader/injury
Nonspecific Immune
Immune response acts when inflammation is unable to destory organisms
Specific Immune response
Response to some type of minor or major injury
Activation immune response
Source of all blood cells including immune system cells
bone marrow
Bone marrow produces an immature undifferented cell called
Stem cells