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what is the nonspecific response to fungi?
NEUTROPHILS-most imp phagocyte
alveolar MPh-inhaled fungi (many fungi resist MPh killing w/ melanin prod)
NK cells-infected cells
what is the nonspecific response important for?
PREVENTION of infections

most ppl with sufficient immune response dont dev fungal disease
what is the specific response to fungal infections?
TH1 inflamm for intracell infection
-O2 dependent
activated MPh important
once infection established, TH2 resp is counterprod; Ig MAY prevent colonization before infection
what can some fungi induce that result in tissue damage?
immune response causes damage
sporothrix schenckii: gen charac
"rose growers disease"
dimorphic fungi (extracellular)
transmission via subQ trauma by environmental source
what is disease caused by sporothrix schenckii?
skin lesions
progress to necrotic, ulcerative lesion
draining lymphatics thickened "cordlike"; subQ nodules, abscesses
may be self limiting or invasive dep on pts immune resp
prevention, resolution sporothrix schenckii
innate-PMNs and inflammation
prevention- no known immunity established w/repeat exposure
resolution- TH1 w/ strong inflamm resp
TH2-chronic disease
DTH response-granulomatous lesions
coccidiodes immitis: gen charac
"valley fever"
disease due to extracellular yeast form
mold in environment w/ reproductive spores
can cause systemic disease by entering lymphatics
how is coccidiodes immitis transmitted?
inhalation of spores (arthroconidia)
disease caused by coccidiodes immitis?
fever, cough; may progress to pneumonia in immunocompromised
unresolved-disseminated nodular skin lesions, arthralgias
prevention, resolution coccidiodes immitis?
innate- inflamm; effective in healthy indiv (alveolar MPh phagocytize fungi, rel cytokines to attract PMNs-inflamm)
prevention- Ig against mold phase; some protection via repeated low level stim (MPh also present to TH0->TH1, memory T cells)
resolution-TH1 w/ strong inflamm
problem with diagnosing ppl in endemic area presenting with fungal infection?
if inject microbe (coccidiodes immitis) under skin would have positive wheal, flare b/c memory response
can't assume this is the microbe causing the present infection