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The first line of defence is the ________
skin and mucous membrane
What is the enzyme found in tears, saliva and mucous membrane of the respiratory tract?
When skin is damaged, a blood clot is formed, what is the name of the substance which forms the clot?
The skin has a slippery substance, which makes the ph acidic on the skin. What is the substance called?
What is the function of platelets?
To form fibrin, this in turn forms a mesh which traps red blood cells and invading microorganisms.
What is 'microflora'?
The group of microorganisms which live on the body without causing any ill effects.
What do phagocytes do?
They engulf the invading microorganisms and digests them
what areas of the body have mucous membrane?
In the respiratory tract, in the digestive system, in the vagina