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What is a quota?
a way to control immigration by limiting the number of immigrants from one country in a year
What is a visa?
permission to enter a new country given before arriving at the new country
Where is the Statue of Liberty?
in New York harbor near Ellis Island
What is discrimination?
treating people in a different way because of prejudice
In what country did the Potato Blight occur?
What were two sources of information that pulled immigrants toward America?
books and newspapers
What countries were part of the Old Immigration?
Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Scandanavia
What were the ships called that the early immigrants traveled on?
They traveled on freighters
What is the term for dilapidated apartments in which many immigrants lived?
What caused immigration to slow down in the mid-1860s?
Civil War
Where did New Immigration come from?
southern and eastern Europe
What is the term for anti-Jewish riots in Russia that caused Jews to flee to America?
What did North America offer to immigrants?
farmland and temperate climate
Those who came during the New Immigration wanted to work in _________ and live in ______.
factories, cities
Those who came during the Old Immigration wanted to work on ______ and live in _______
farms, open land (rural areas)