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Substance Abuse
Any unnesesary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical reasons.
Includes: Overuse, using with alcohol, in combination with other (synergistic effect)
Illegal Drugs
Against the law to use or posess, buy or sell, manufacture
Use of is referred to as (illicit drug use)
Kinds of drugs
From Natural Sources: Marijuana, heroin, opium, cocaine
Synergistic Drugs (Produced in a lab): ecstacy, LSD, meth, speed
Gateway drugs: often lead to other dangerous drug use: marijuana, alcohol
Why People Begin Using Drugs (REASONS)
1.See other people close to them using. 2.feel pressured. fit in. glamorizes use (marijuana) 5.escape from problems
Dangers of substance abuse
overdoes: 1.Strong or even fatal reaction to taking large amounts
2.risk of HIV or other STD's (dirty needles, impaired judgement leading to sex) 3.physical and psychological dependance 4.Tollerance and withdrawal
1.Affect performance in school, sports, relationships and family life. 2.Goals and dreams interuptedor never realized 3)70 billion dollars in health, social, and criminal costs every year. 4. Expensive Habit ($1,000 dollars a week)
drugs that speed up the central nervous system
Examples: amphetamines (ephedra), methamphetamines (speed,ice,cocaine), nicotine