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The governor of Illinois
Rod Blagojevich
The highest court in Illinois
Supreme Court
The court in which most cases are heard by a judge.
Circuit court
Court where you'd go to appeal a case.
The river that makes up the westerly border of Illinois.
The river that is on the south eastern border of Illinois.
House of the General Assembly that has 118 members.
House of Representatives
Elected by the people
All members of the General Assembly
The head of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the House
The head of the Senate
President of the Senate
Term is 2 years
A member of the House of Representatives
Term is 4 years
A member of the Senate
Starts impeachment proceedings
House of Representatives
Tries impeachment proceedings
The capital of the state of Ilinois
The year Illinois became a state
The first two capitals of the state of Illinois
Vandalia, Kaskaskia
Absentee ballots are for
Registered voters who are not able to vote on election day.
Most of Illinopis court cases would take place in
This is an example of a special purpose district
A school district
A bill can pass the General Assembly
By a majority vote
A bill needs a _________ vote to over-ride the governor's veto.
Votes on public issues
Foreign Affairs is the duty of
Federal government