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Define Radon:
a naturally occurring gas that is suspected of causing lung cancer
Define asbestos:
a mineral once used in insulation and other materials that can cause respiratory diseases
Define capping:
the process of layering 2 to 4 feet of soil over the top of the landfill site and then planting grass or some other vegetation to enhance the landfill’s aesthetic value and to prevent erosion
Define carbon monoxide:
a colorless, odorless gas that occurs due to incomplete combustion as a by-product of burning such as wood, oil, and natural gas
Define CERCLA:
a federal law administered by the EPA that establishes a process for identifying parties responsible for creating hazardous waste sites, forcing liable parties to clean up toxic sites, bringing legal action against responsible parties, and funding abatement of toxic sites
Define landfill:
an enormous hole, either excavated for the purpose of waste disposal or left over from surface mining operations
Define lead:
a pigment and drying agent in alkyd oil-based paint that can result to damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and blood
Define mold:
a fungus that can spread disease
Define MTBE:
methyl-t-butyl ether oxygenates
Define urea-formaldehyde:
foam that can release harmful formaldehyde gases
Define water table:
the natural level at which the ground is saturated
What is the penalty for lead abatement without a license?
Class A misdemeanor
Name 5 known harardous substances homeowners need to be aware of?
4)carbon monxide
Name 2 issues causing concern, but not all the facts are in yet:
1)electromagnetic fields(EMF)
Underground storage tank regulations apply to tanks that have at least ____ percent of their volume underground.
CERLA is administered and enforced by ______________.
the EPA
What does IEPA stand for?
Illinois Enviromental Protection Agency
MTBE, which helps control air pollution, can contaminate _____________.
Name 5 types of tanks that are exempt from federal regulations:
1)tanks that hold less than 110 gallons
2)farm and residental tanks that hold 1100 gallons or less of motor fuel used for noncommercial purposes
3)tanks that store heating oil burned on the premises
4)tanks on or above the floor of underground areas such as basements or tunnels
5)septic tanks and systems for collecting stormwater and wastewater
To claim innocent landowner immunity,the criteria is:
1)the pollution was caused by a third party
2)the property was acquired after the fact
3)the landowner had no actual or constructive knowlegde of the damage
4)due care was exercised when the property was purchased to determine that no damage to the property existed
5)reasonable precautions were take in the exercise of ownership rights