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What is the WHO definition of health?
"A state of complete
mental and
well-being. Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
What is the continuum concept of health?
Heal is a continuum ranging from optimal wellness to death.
Holistic health...
considers body, mind, and spirit. Focus is promoting health and preventing illness. Individual responsibility.
Textbook definition of health...
A person's level of wellness. Individual strives to attain his/her full potential. Biopsychosocial = reflects biologic, psychologic and sociologic state (sociologic may include spiritual).
Concepts related to QOL (Quality of Life)
Subjectivity (ADL & ILS)
Multidimensionality (physical, functional, emotional and social well-being).
Ferrell cancer research indicates four domains:
health promotion vs
illness prevention (aka health protection)
health promotion (general) = positive activity.
illness prevention (health problem specific) = avoidance activity
List top 7 practices to promote health
1. Well-balanced meals
2. Moderate eating to maintain ideal weight, and prevent obesity.
3. Moderate exercise on a routine schedule.
4. Regular sleep (8 hours/day)
5. Moderate alcohol consumption.
6. No smoking
7. Limited exposure to sun
Three levels of illness prevention
1. Primary
2. Secondary
3. Tertiary
Deine primary illness prevention
Primary prevention = avoid or delay actual occurrence of a specific disease. Ex: smoking cessation clinics, use of seat belts & helmets, immunizations, etc.
Define secondary illness prevention
Secondary prevention = early detection of disease or condition. Emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment as well as intervention to prevent or limit permanent disability or death. Ex: Pap smear, PPD
Definition of Tertiary prevention
Tertiary prevention = rehabilitation. Begins when disease or condition stabilized and no further healing is expected. Goal = return to highest level of function & prevent severe disabilities.
Tonometry test detects ??
Tonometry test = detects glaucoma
evidence-based practice
care based on research and identified standards.
Name the 6 Essential Critical Thinking Skills
1. Interpretation
2. Analysis
3. Evaluation
4. Inference
5. Explanation
6. Self-regulation
Nursing History focuses on:
is NOT a repetition of medical history.

Focuses on meaning of the illness and/or hospitalization to client and family. i.e. client response, functional ability, adl, health behaviors, coping patterns, health goals, support systems.