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IR Ground Rules are broken down into these three categories:
"Stand-alone" IR with no deployment, IR inconjunction with an IGX, and an IR in conjunction with a real-world deployment
No wing- or unit-level deployment actions will be accomplished before:
The drop of the Air Mobility Tasking (AMT)
Stand Alone: Do not begin unit personnel or cargo processing, marshaling, or loading operations prior to the arrival of:
The inspection Team Chief or designated representative and receipt of the AMT
During/after the inspection, provide the logistics plans inspector with the following documentation:
One copy of each AMT, one copy of the DSOE - including changes and a final DSOE with all scheduled and actual times, one copy of the passenger manifest/cargo manifest/final load plan, one copy of the tailored LOGPLAN file, & one copy of the LOGMOD LOGBOOK and events logs of the (UDCC)
Simulated TDY length will be reflected in:
Unit personnel will not be used to support the eing's deployment process once unit personnel are ______.
These three AFSC substitutions do not require IG coordination or approval:
Those allowed IAW AFI 10-403, para. 5.1.2; those authorized specifically in the MISCAP, and those authorized IAW published functional manager guidance
Units that will simulate that full mobilization has occurred are:
ANG and ARFC units
Personnel that are required to bring passports are:
Contracting and comptroller personnel
Most personnel will NOT deploy with the following three items:
Passports, CDCs, or unit head gear
The PRF will produce ___ copies of Contingency, Exercise, and Deployment orders per person.
_____ will ensure appropriate statements are included in the remarks section of the CED orders IAW AFI _____ .
MPF, 10-215
For each chalk, a package will be provided to the personnel inspector containing these seven items:
1) One copy of each contingency order (with full SSAN) and NATO order as appropriate; 2) DRMD sorted by chalk then last name; 3) A mismatch roster containing AFSC info, name, unit line number; 4) One copy of any deplyment waiver letters; 5) One copy of all PRF messages concerning the chalk; 6) A copy of the DRD and personnel files on disk or CD-ROM; 7) A copy of discrepencies with name and unit