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Liftoff Speed
52 knots
Min. Oil Temperature (Degrees F)
75 Degrees F
Max Landing Weight (Lbs)
1764 Pounds
Voltmeter Upper Limit Red Line (Volts)
16.1 Volts
Voltmeter Lower Limit Red Arc (Volts)
8 - 11 Volts
Min. Oil Pressure (PSI)
10 PSI
Max. Crosswind Component for Dual Flights (Kts)
20 Knots
Max Tailwind Component for Dual Flights (Kts)
5 Knots
Vx (Flaps CRUISE) (Best Angle of Climb)
65 Knots
Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. Gal.)
24.5 U.S. Gallons
Positive Limit Load Factor (Flaps CRUISE)
+ 4.4
Voltmeter Caution Range Yellow Arc (Volts)
11 - 12.5 Volts
Approved Fuel Grade
Negative Limit Load Factor (Flaps CRUISE)
- 2.2
Positive Limit Load Factor (Flaps T/O or LDG)
+ 2.0
Negative Limit Load Factor (Flaps T/O or LDG)
Max. Ramp Weight (Lbs)
1770 Pounds
Vso (Stall Speed in LDG Configuration)
34 Knots
Normal Landing Final Approach Airspeed
60 Knots
Vs1 (Stall Speed in CRUISE Configuration)
42 Knots
Vr (Rotate Speed)
44 Knots
Vy (Flaps CRUISE) (Best Rate of Climb)
70 Knots
Vx (Flaps T/O) (Best Angle of Climb)
60 Knots
Maximum Airplane Structural Temperature (Degrees C)
55 Degrees C
Main Landing Gear Tire Pressure (PSI)
33 PSI
Propeller Approx. Minimum Ground Clearance (Inches)
10 Inches
Nose Gear Tire Pressure (PSI)
26 PSI
KIAS to Raise Final Approach Airspeed if Flaps T/O
0 Knots
Max OAT (Degrees C) Operation w/ Full Winterization Kit
0 Degrees C
Vy (Flaps T/O) (Best Rate of Climb)
66 Knots
KIAS to Raise Final Approach Airspeed if Flaps CRUISE
+10 Knots
Fuel Pressure Lower Limit Red Line (PSI)
3.5 PSI
Fuel Pressure Upper Limit Red Line (PSI)
32.5 PSI
Max. OAT (Degrees C) Operation w/ Partial Winterization Kit
12.5 Degrees C
Max. Weight in Baggage Compartment (Lbs)
44 Pounds
Aft CG Limit (At or Below 1653 Lbs)
Aft CG Limit (1764 Lbs)
CHT Caution Range (Degrees F)
420 - 460 Degrees F
Max Permissible Continuous BHP
125 BHP
Forward CG Limit (At or Below 1653 Lbs)
Min. Permissible Static RPM (Full Throttle Runup)
2000 RPM
Min. RPM During Engine Runup Idle Check
900 RPM
Max. Oil Pressure for Full Power Operation if OAT < 0 Degrees C
70 PSI
Forward CG Limit (1764 Lbs)
Max. Time for CHT Below 300 Degrees F in Descent (Minutes)
5 Minutes
Min CHT (Degrees F) Takeoff and Descent
240 Degrees F
CHT Normal Operating Range (Degrees F)
300 - 420 Degrees F
Max. RPM Drop Difference Between Magnetos
50 RPM
Max RPM Drop During Magneto Check
150 RPM
Min RPM Drop During Magneto Check
25 RPM
Tachometer Normal Operating Range (RPM)
700 - 2800 RPM
Min. OAT (Degrees C) Cabin Heat Not Required for 10 Minutes Before T/O
-20 Degrees C