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1. What kind of buildings does this codebook cover?
Detached on and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses).
4. From chapter 1, Can a building code official walk on your site anytime he wants?
Yes, if he has reasonable cause.
5. From Chapter 2, how do we define what it is in terms of building classifications is it a M1, MF, R1, R2 etc. How do we define the buildings?
R1 Standard homes, R2 duplex, MF condos, Ag agriculture
6. To be considered a manufactured home, which of the following dimensions apply? Know the minimum dimensions.
8’x 40’
8. One question about climate and geographical design criteria
All exterior footings and foundation systems shall extend 42 inches below actual grade.
9. What are the wind design criteria for our state?
Equal or exceed 110 miles per hour.
10. There is a weathering probability map in the front of our map. What does it have to do with in our area?
Region classification for the severe weather conditions.
12. Snow loads greater than X (how many psf) shall require an engineer
13. What is the psf for a balcony?
60 psf
14. What is the psf for a attic?
20 psf with storage, 10 psf without storage
15. What is the psf for a sleeping room or bedroom?
30 psf sleeping rooms
16. Live load requirements for living room, dining room and kitchen.
40 psf
17. Exterior walls, how far do they have to be apart before you have to have a fire resistant rating on the walls?
Less than 3 ft. shall have not less than a 1-hr. fire-resistive rating.
18. On all habitual rooms, what is the percentage we have to have glass
19. What is the minimum ventilation rate for a continuous a mechanical ventilation?
20 cfm
20. Every dwelling shall have at least one room with a certain minimum size?
120 sq.ft.
21. Bath and tub enclosures, he gives four dimensions of the minimum height that will work?
6 ft.
22. What are the rules for using safety glazing?
Should have an installers label.
23. If we have a skylight on a 3/12-pitch roof, what is a special rule for this skylight?
It shall be mounted on a curb extending at least 4 inches above the plain of the roof.
28. Minimum of exit doors and hallways?
Not less than 3 ft.
29. Tread and risers, Max height and width of riser is
8 ¼ , min width is 9”
30. Handrails, how high off the nose of the tread are they?
Not less than 34 inches and no more than 38 inches.
31. When your going down a set of stairs, what is the minimum head room for the stairs?
34. Where do we have to put smoke alarms?
In each sleeping room, outside each sleeping area (8’-10’ from rooms) and each story of the dwelling.
35. Is there a special rule that says we can use battery only smoke detectors?
41. Under floor ventilation.
Not less than 1 sq. ft. for each 150 sq. ft.
45. What are the rules for spacing on anchor bolts?
Maximum spacing shall be 4 ft. for buildings over two stories in height.
46. What is the minimum thickness of a masonry-bearing wall, if it more than one story high?
8 inches