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to be drawn to + thing/person
Women are drawn to Steve's bulging muscles.
*dream of/about
Natalia Paris often dreams about Steve.
dwindle from
Mr. Bolton's bank account dwindled from one thousand dollars to less than half that in less than a week.
easy to
It's easy to see why Mark is so popular.
elect to
Mark will be elected to the Congress in 2016.
elect + person
We elected Steve as our office "gopher".
emerges from
The snail emerges from its shell.
*enable + person + infinitive
My job enables me to travel.
*encourage + person + infinitive
We encouraged him to paint.
escape from
Steve wishes to escape from grinding poverty.
to be + essential to + person/thing
Coffee is essential to me, especially in the morning.
except for + person/thing
Everyone is here except for the teacher.
except for + gerund
Except for being handsome, he wasn't very special.
explain to
Juan explained to Steve the difference between salsa and merengue.
expose to
Steve is exposed to intense ridicule every day of his life.
fail to
We fail to see the humor in these sentences.
flee from
Steve fled from their sharp criticisms.
*forbid to
We forbid you to go.
force + thing/person + infinitive
This mishap forces me to plan ahead.
focus on + thing/person
I want to focus on our mutual problem.
get credit for/give credit for
I have to give you credit for your good work.
grow from
Joel predicts that Test Tutor will grow from a small company to a major multinational within five years.
grow out of
Steve grew out of his overalls just last year.
help + thing/person + infinitive
Music helps me to think.
indicate that
Studies indicate that people with gray hair are smarter than the majority.
indicate to + person
Steve's constant worrying over his gray hair indicates to me a serious self-esteem problem.
inherit from
Steve inherits his gray hair from his mother's family.
invest in
Steve should invest in hair dye.
leads to
Lack of exercise leads to obesity.
localized in
The pain is localized in my left foot.
Manage to
You've managed to screw this up again, Steve.
*make + thing/person + verb (simple form)
Chocolate makes me think of Switzerland.
*mistake + thing/person + for
I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
*native to
Penguins are native to the Antarctic.
*a native of
Steve is a native of Canada.
need to
Steve needs to think of some better sentences.
to be + necessary + infinitive
It is necessary to be creative.
Originate in
Liberalism, as we know it, originated in 17th century England.
*permit + thing/person + infinitive
Money permits us to live a comfortable life.
prized as
Stephen is prized as a teacher in Bogota.
prized for
Stephen is prized for his ability to dance the salsa.
*prohibit from + gerund
In school, we were prohibited from fighting.
promise of + thing
The promise of success drove us to the mountain's peak.
promise to
I promise to tell the truth more often – I swear.
published by
Joel's first novel Love and the GMAT is published by ETS.
published in
Steve's first novel will be published in March.
*range from X to Y
His clients range from multinationals to the smallest businesses.
refer to
I wish to refer to the latest work by Foucault....
*regard as
She is regarded as an expert.
require + thing/person + infinitive
My work requires me to travel.
resemble + thing/person
Steve resembles a young Charles Atlas.
results in
Rough play often results in injuries.
results from
Injuries often result from rough play.
rivalry between X and Y
The rivalry between Joel and Enrique Iglesias is legendary.
*the rivals X and Y
The rivals Enrique and Joel quarreled often.
Save for
Save for that inconvenience, the trip was a success.
save from
They saved me from another boring party.
seek + infinitive
He seeks to save your soul.
seek + thing/person
I seek the truth.
seem + infinitive
You seem to be sleepy today.
speak to + person
I spoke to my secretary about the report I wanted.
speak with + person
I spoke with my colleague about the upcoming report.
Take advantage of
Steve loves to take advantage of those around him.
teach + person + infinitive
She taught Jim to dance.
teach + person + thing
She taught Jim the lambada.
tell + person
She told him that he was a terrible dancer.
tie to
The rope is tied to the chair.
transmit to
We transmitted the e-mail to him.
Use + person/thing + infinitive
I use a light to read.
used + infinitive
Years ago, he used to walk every day to work.
to be + used to + gerund
He is used to walking to work.
to be + willing + infinitive
Fortunately, he was willing to help us.