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built by
The Avro Arrow was built by proud Canadians.
care about
Who cares about that?
care for
I don't care for your tone
centers on + person/thing
The story centers on the struggle for meaning in a chaotic universe.
choose + infinitive
I do it because I choose to do it.
to be + composed of + thing
The atom is composed of various parts.
consistent with
Your story is not consistent with Joel's story.
contend that
Joel contends that you are lying.
*consider + person/thing
I consider you a friend.
continue + infinitive
If you continue to do that we will not be friends.
contrast A with B
If you contrast Bill with you Bob, you find....
convert to
The new device will convert matter to energy.
*compare A to B
Caliban is compared to a beast in Shakespeare's The Tempest.(compare to stresses similarities).
*compare A with B
Compared with you, I cannot sing well at all.
(compare with stresses differences)
*count on + person/thing
I count on you for the correct answers.
to credit with
Columbus is credited with discovering the Americas.
give credit for
I have to give you credit for working so hard.
are in danger of + gerund
The robber was in danger of being captured.
decide + infinitive
We decided to leave the party early.
decide on + thing/person
We decided on the all-meat pizza.
delighted by
Steve was delighted by the new findings.
depend on
Steve depends on Joel for financial support.
*different from
Canadians are very different from Americans.
difficult + infinitive
Steve finds it difficult to dance to Latin music.
disclose to + person/organization
Joel decided to disclose to the world the truth about Steve's crazy ideas.
*distinguish between X and Y
I want to distinguish between London and Paris.
*distinguish X from Y
If you distinguish London from Paris....
draw on (take out)
Unlike Felix, Steve can draw on funds from Joel's bank account.
draw + thing
The tattoo artist drew a lovely flower on Joel's left bicep.
to be drawn to + thing/person
Women are drawn to Steve's bulging muscles.