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Regard as(to be regarded as)
X is related to Y(not X is in realtion to Y)
“Consider” never takes “to be” on the GMAT?
Need for
dispute whether(not”if”)
Enough that
They do not know X or Y(not “nor”)
As much with X as with Y
Do something at the urging of somebody
For millenium( not “during” millenium)
To be under pressure to
As far/long as
Just as,,,,,so
The body did as he was told(not”like”)
Forbid to : prohibit from
Request that
So,,,,,as to –so large as to equal
Require that something be (not “are/is”)
To have potential to
Be encouraged by
So as not to be hindered by
Respond to
Insist that
Like to be at?
Capable of
Discourage from
Not so much ,,, as
Defined as
Regard as
Modeled after
Based on
A result of
A debate over
A responsibility to
Responsible for
A consequence of
So ,,,, as to be
So (adjective)that
As good as, or better than
Attribute to
Credited with
Different from
Depicted as
To result in
a debate over
a lot
a responsibility to
a result of
a sequence of
agree with
as an instance of
as good as/or better than
as great as
as good as...or better than
as much as
attend to (someone)
attribute X to Y/X is attributed to Y
based on
believe X to be Y
both X and Y
centers on
concerned with = related to.
Concerned for = worried or anxious.
conform to
created with
defined as
depends on whether
depicted as
different from/differ from
distinguishes between X and Y
distinguish from
doubt that
enable to
fascinated by
forbid X to do Y
identical with
in contrast to
independent from
indifferent towards
modeled after
(no) more...than/(no) less...than
more than ever
not only...but also
not so
prohibits X from doing Y
potential to
range from X to Y
regard as
responsible for
resulting in
retroactive to
so X as to be Y
so (adjective) that
subscribe to
the same to X as to Y
to contrast X with Y
to mistake X for Y
to result in