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to resemble
parecerse a
to intend
to think of (have an opinion about)
pensar de
to think of (direct one's thoughts to)
pensar en
not to worry
perder cuidado
to lose sight of
perder de vista
to become (involuntarily)
ponerse+ adjective
to begin to
ponerse a+ infinitive
to come to an agreement
ponerse de acuerdo
to keep
quedarse con
to complain of (about)
quejarse de
to mean
querer decir
to laugh at, to make fun of
reirse de
accent on i
to look at, to observe, to notice
reparar en
(to know) by heart
(saber) de memoria
to take a picture
sacar una fotografia
accent on i
to be fond of
ser aficionado(-a) a
to serve as
servir de
to be useful for, to be good for
servir para
to dream of
sonar con
accent on n
to be late in, to delay in
tardar en+ infinitive
to try to
tratar de+ infinitive
to be a question of, to be concerned with
tratarse de
to come upon, to meet (unexpectedly)
tropezar con
to be worthwhile
valer de pena
to... again
volver a+ infinitive
to regain conciousness, to come to
volver en si
accent on i
to be pleasing (to be pleased with)
agradar, used like gustar
to be enough, to suffice
bastar, used like gustar
to be painful, to cause sorrow
doler, used like gustar
to be lacking (to need)
faltar, hacer falta, used like gustar
to seem
parecer, used like gustar
to be pleasing (to like)
placer, used like gustar
to be left over, to have too much
sobrar, used like gustar
to be one's turn
tocarle (a uno), used like gustar
because of
a causa de
at about + time
a eso de
at the end of
a fines de
a fondo
by dint of
a fuerza de
to the right, at the right
a la derecha
in the Spanish style
a la espanola
accent on n
to the left, at the left
a la izquierda
at the same time
a la vez
in the distance
a lo lejos
at least
a lo(al) menos
a menudo
in my (his, etc.) opinion
a mi (su, etc.) parecer
in spite of
a pesar de
on foot
a pie
at the beginning of, early in
a principios de
a solas
on time
a tiempo
through, across
a(al) traves de
accent on e
in the open air
al aire libre
at daybreak
al amanecer
at nightfall
al anochecer
at the end (of), finally
al cabo (de)
al fin
al parecer
de buena gana
from time to time
de cuando en cuando
by day (at night)
de dia (de noche)
in this (that) way
de esta (esa) manera
de este (ese) modo
from now on, henceforth
de hoy en adelante
de mala gana
so that
de manera que
de modo que
by no means
de ninguna manera
de ningun modo
accent on 2nd u in ningun
de nuevo
de otro modo
(to open) wide
(abrir) de par en par
de pie
de pronto
de repente
de rodillas
really, truly
de veras
from time to time
de vez en cuando
on the other hand
en cambio
as soon as
en cuanto
in regard to, as for
en cuanto a
in fact, actually, as a matter of fact
en efecto
instead of
en lugar(vez) de
nowhere, not anywhere
en ninguna parte
at once, immediately
en seguida
en todas partes