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make an "A" on a test, homework assignment, project, etc.
all right (1):
expression of reluctant agreement.
all right (2):
fair; not particularly good.
all right (3):
unharmed; in satisfactory condition.
and then some:
and much more besides.
restless; impatient and tired of waiting.
as easy as pie:
very easy.
at the eleventh hour:
at the last minute; almost too late.
say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone.
a piece of cake:
very easy.
all ears:
eager to hear what someone has to say.
be without money.
be in and out:
be at and away from a place during a particular time.
on the go:
very busy (going from one thing or project to another).
be on the road:
be traveling.
be over:
be finished; end.
be up and running:
(for a technological process) be operational; be ready to use .
used to:
accustomed to; not uncomfortable with.
exhausted; very tired (adj.).
beat around the bush:
evade an issue; avoid giving a direct answer.
beat one's brains out:
try very hard to understand or do something.
Beats me:
I have no idea.
before long:
bent out of shape:
needlessly worried about something.
bite off more than one can chew:
take responsibility for more than one can manage.
a very talkative person--especially one who says things that should be kept secret.
blow one's top:
become extremely angry.
boom box:
portable cassette/CD player.
the bottom line:
the most important information.
Break a leg!:
Good luck!
break someone's heart:
make someone feel very disappointed/discouraged/sad.
without money.
annoy; bother.
stubborn; inflexible.
a bundle:
a lot of money.
burn the midnight oil:
study/work all night or until very, very late at night.
very tired; exhausted.
by oneself:
alone and without help.
by the skin of one's teeth:
to barely succeed at doing something