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To get all worked up about nothing, to make a mountain our of a molehill
ahogarse en un vaso de agua
To go looking for trouble
buscarle tres pies al gato
to gossip
to fail someone
to jilt someone
dar calabazas a uno
to hit the nail on the head, to put one's finger on it
dar en el clavo
to go in one ear and out the other
entrar por un oido y salir por el otro
by the way, incidentally
entre parentesis
to be in a difficult situation, in a jam
estar en un apuro
to be fed up with, to have had it up to her with
estar hasta la coronilla de
to be crazy, to have a screw loose
flatar un tornillo
to waste one's breath
gastar saliva en balde
to spead nonstop
hablar como loco
to cut class
fumarse una clase
hacer la pinta
to tell someone to take a flying leap
mandar a alguien a freir esparragos
not to understand a thing
no entender ni papa
not to be able to stand someone
no poder ver a uno ni en pintura
no, nope
why? what for?
?para que?
to go too far, to overstep one's bounds
pasarse de raya
to be speechless
perder el habla
to bring someone up-to-date
poner a uno al dia
to rake someone over the coals
poner a uno como un trapo
to rais the roof, to scream with rage
poner el grito en el cielo
What's new?
?Que hay de nuevo?
to be the black sheep of the family
ser oveja negra de la familia
to be very talkative
ser muy ligero de palabra
to be irritable, ill-tempered
tener malas pulgas
to pull someone's leg
tomarle el pelo a uno
to be farfetched
traer por los pelos
to run into someone
tropezarse con alguien