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Describe the meaning of Validation and give an example. (2)
Validation checks if the inputted data is possible by using range checks, type check, format check, etc.
Format check, Type check, Field Check.
Describe the meaning of Verification and give an example. (2)
Verification checks if the data is correct by double entry inputs or proof reading.
Done by humans
State two types of data other than text that can be stored in a computer file.(2)
different types of FILES
Difference between LAN and WAN.(2)
Difference in reach
-LAN restricted to buildings
-WAN more than one site geographically
Four advantages of relational database over a flat file and give examples of each. (4)
-Independance of data
-no redundancy/duplication
-Consistancy of data
-Increased productivity
Describe a Macro (2).
a small 'program' that automates a task or a sequance of instructions.
Where can a macro be used?(2)
in databases, to calculate records/items invoices automatically.
databases, reports, queries.
Describe four items that need to be considered when reviewing the backup procedures.
-Backup medium (external HD, USB flash disks)
-Location of backup
-Frequency of backup
-Testing of backup
Exernal/location/ freq./ testing
what is meant by Generic packages?
-An applications package
-Very common
-Used in day to day business operations.
Packages, used everywhere
Describe 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of an EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale)system. (4)
AD: automatic input, stock reports, check digits.
Dis:Porblems if system goes down, training, system needs to be up to date.
Check digits, training, reports, up to date.
State an advantage of a CLI.
Does not require a lot of memory/process resources
Speed, memory
State 4 features of a GUI. Giving an advantage of each feature. (4)
Windows- different frames, easier switching application.
Icons- easier to open application and represents its job.
-Menus-selecting commands from a predifined list.
-Pointers-move around on the screen. Easier navigation.
4 Functions of an operating system (8).
Memory management
Management of security
Multitask between programs
Power management
Reboot/boot up/ load up
Think of school computers.
Making an effective presentation. (2)
Appropriate to venue
Content approperiate to intended audience
What is encryption and firewall, giving examples of each (6).
Encryption disguises a message so that it cannot be read or understood by any unauthorised persons.
Firewall is a device designed to protect a network from intrusion via the internet connection(gateway machine)
Disguising messages
Intrusion of internet connections.