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fxn of spleen
1. protect against blood borne (not interstitial) pathogens
2. specific immune responses
3. production adn processing of opsonins (tufsin and properdin)
Et of splenomegaly
1. Congestive (CHF, cirrhosis, thrombosis)
2. Infxn
3. Inflamm
4. Sequestration of RBC
5. Infiltrative, non-malignant
6. Maligancies (leukemias, lymphomas)
lab results in pts with splenomegaly
-invading organisms
-toxic granulations, Dohle bodies, vacuoles in neutrophils
fragmented erythrocytes
overwhelming sepsis
nucleated red cells + tear-drop shaped cells
BM invasion
immature white cells or blasts in periph blood smear
hematologic malignancy
most imp cause of functional hyposplenism
sickle cell
what are Howell Jolly bodies
RBC inclusions on peripoheral smear
loss of immunologic fxn due to asplenia/hyposplenia can lead to what?
result of asplenia/hyposplenia
DEATH! due to overwhelming infxn: **Streo pneumo, H flu, N. men
Sx of asplenia//hyposplenia
fever, then rapidly evolves into septic shock (and DIC possibly)
what can you do to prevent overwhelming infxn post-splenectomy?
Antibiotic Chemoprophylaxis:
lab results of splenomegaly
-toxic granulations
-Dohle bodies
-vacuoles in neutrophils
splenomegaly + destruction of 1 or more ell lines in periph blood