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Inhibitors of Coagulation--inc/dec/nl at birth??
1. Direct Inhibitors (C1 esterase inh, alpha-2 macroglobulin): INC at birth
2. Protein C/S = VIT K DEPENDENT
-Thrombomodulin INC at birth until early childhood
-Protein C and S DEC at birth

3. Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI) binds and inactivates Factor 7a-->prevents further generation of thrombin
Fibrinolytic System: inc or dec at birth?
1.t-PA and PAI are INC in newborn but DEC in cord blood at birth
2.alpha-2-antiplasmin (80% of adult level)
3.Plasminogen (50% of adult level)
MCC causes of bleeding in healthy infants
1.imm-mediated thrombocytopenia
2.vit K def
3.congenital factor def
MC hemostatis abnormality in newbortns
et of thrombocytopenia
1.Inc destruction of platelets
2.Dec prod
3.hypersplenism (sequester platelets in spleen)
how Tx bleeding infant
platelet transfusion 10-20 ml/kg (regardless of cause of bleed in the infant!)
Acquired Hemostatic D/O in newborn
2.Liver Dz
3.Vit K def
how Dx DIC in newborn
dec Factor 5, 8, and fibrinogen (NOT ATIII/thrombin)
how Dx DIC in neonates
DECREASED prothrombin activity and INC PT on day 2 to 4 of life with return to normal by days 5 to 7 indicates
Vit K def (need Vit K for Factors 2 (prothrombin), 7, 9, and 10)
VK1 is called what and found where?
found in green leafy veggies
VK2 is called what and found where?
prod by intestinal flora
VK3 is called what and found where?
synthetic, water-soluble
how prevent decrease in prothrombin activiy during first 3-4 days of life
administer Vit K