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most common cancer in children
ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)
in pediatric population, what age groups have highest incidence of cancer
0-4 years
15-19 years
what is MC solid tumor in children
brain tumor
what is #1 cause of second neoplasms in childhood CA?
risk factors of second neoplasms in ppl who recovered from childhood cancers?
1. Hodgkins, retinoblastoma, Wilms
2. radiation!
3. underlying susceptibility to cancer like neurofibromatosis, p53 mutation
ppl who survive childhood CA are at risk for:
A. increased mortality throughout light
B, Second Neoplasms
C. Endocrine Dysfxn and Infertility
a. hypothyroidism (b/c radiation to neck)
b. Gonadal dysfxn (b/c alkylating agents)

D. Severe growth retardation
E. Neurological prob
MC nonmalignant late effect of Cancer Tx?
hypothyroidism (due to radiation to neck)