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Be able to describe the fighting tactics of General Braddock...
...and whether they were effective
Make sure you know at least 2 reasons for Pontiac's rebellion..
...thanks for the advice
Do you remember why the British government put so many new taxes on the colonies?
I think I do, it had to do with the cost of the war didn't it? but, which war?
How did the Boston Massacre get started?
Oh, yeah, I remember that shooting that killed did it start?
There were 4 Intolerable Acts...
Can you name them?
Describe Pontiac's Rebellion, including the events that led up to it.
This sounds like a great essay question
Describe the Proclamation of 1763 and tell whether it actually worked or not...
Gosh, another good question for an essay
Explain why Britain started taxing the colonists and describe the conditions surrounding the Sugar Act..
Hey, is this another essay question? (Yup)
Describe the Boston Tea Party and the events that led up to it....
Another essay, right? Yes, indeed.
On the test you will need to answer only one of the essay questions...pick one and practice it at home ...
remember, you must write the final version of it on the cannot bring notes for it.
Be sure you know who these people are...
Metacomet, Sam Adams, Crispus Attucks, Pontiac, Patrick Henry
Know the definitions of these words...
boycott, petition, writs of assistance, miltia, backcountry, casualties, propaganda
Do you know the document that suggested colonies unite for the first time?
I think it has the word "Union" in it.
Do you know who Pontiac's fighters first attacked in the rebellion...
Is that King Philip's War? Yes...but who did they attack first?
I wonder why the pioneers began to cross the Appalachian Mountains....
...oh, I think I know this.
Who was the leader of the British soldiers and the colonial soldiers early in the Seven Year's War?
We all know this...don't we?
Do you know which colonist spoke out against the Stamp Act and proposed resolutions?
He was from Virginia....
Name the Prime Minister who decided to tax the colonists to pay for the debt after the French and Indian War...
...oh, yeah, I remember him...
Be sure you can explain the phrase "taxation without representation" know, what does it mean to be taxed without being represented?
Can you explain what a boycott does to hurt businesses?
Something to do with money, I'm sure.
Exactly what is the connection between the Seven Years War and the sudden increase in taxes on the Americans?
Is this a money thing?
Explain the cause and effect relationship between the Intolerable Acts and the Boston Tea Party...
...certainly one led to the other....but what are the details?
Remember the Albany Plan of Union?
Ben Franklin's plan to ______ the colonies
Remember which colonist (from Virginia) insisted that the Stamp Act was unfair?
Isn't he famous for saying "Give me liberty or give me death!" ? Why, yes, he is.
Was George Grenville a British Prime Minister or a...
...Wampanoag Indian?
G. Washington was fighting in the Ohio Valley at the same...
...time the Albany plan of Union was being written. Hey, thanks for the information.
Know what the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence was.
Doesn't "correspondence" mean comunicating with someone? Yes, it does.