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how to determine prevalence
# of cases in a pop
________________ x 10(n)
# of people in a pop
how to determine CRM (crude mortality rate)
# of deaths in a pop/year
# of people in a pop
how to determine incidence of disease
# of new cases/year
# people in @ risk population
how to determine cause specific mortality (CSMR)
# deaths due to specific cause
# susceptible people in a pop
how to determine proportionate mortality rate (PMR)
# of deaths from a particular cause
total deaths
how to determine case fatality rate
P or I

use P for chronic
use I for acute

CSMR= # of deaths due to disease
# susceptible people

P = # cases in a population
# of people

I= # new cases
# people @ risk
how to determine average duration of disease

P= # cases
# people

I= # new cases
# people at risk