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When is the windshield heated when the WINDSHIELD
HEATING 1 or 2 button is pushed IN?
Always on when there is AC power available except as
When there is only a single AC power source then
On Ground: they are load shed.
In-Flight: only one side works (normally the
Captain’s Side unless it has failed in which case the
First Officer’s Side will be heated)
What does the AUTO position of the MODE selector do
In-Flight: Operates automatically IAW System
Logic and Icing Conditions and
On Takeoff: Operates IAW System Logic and the
setting selected in the TO DATASET MENU
What does the Pushed OUT position do on the selector
knob for Engine 1 or 2 Ice Protection?
Closes the engine anti ice valve and prevents automatic
Turning the MODE selector to ON (on the ICE
PROTECTION panel) does what?
Opens the Engine and Wing Anti-Ice Valves
Why do we have a TEST selector
It is a maintenance function only
The WINDSHIELD WIPER TIMER selection does what
It selects a 7 second intermittent operation
How many ice detection systems are installed
Two and they are completely redundant.
One system will provide complete detection
How long after the system no longer detects ice will the
Ice Protection for the engine and wing stay on?
For five minutes after ice is no longer detected
What will happen on takeoff if the TO DATA SET is set
to ENG and the MODE selector in is AUTO and ice is
The engine anti ice will be on as long as the engines are
running and the wing anti ice will be on up to 1700 feet
AGL or 2 minutes after liftoff.
What will happen on takeoff if the TO DATA SET is set
to ENG and the MODE selector in is AUTO and ice is not
The engine anti ice will be ON
The wing anti ice will be OFF
Will you be provided automatic engine and wing anti ice
protection if taking off in icing conditions with the TO
DATA SET selected to OFF?
No protection up to 1700' AGL or two minutes after
After the above mentioned limit, the TO DATA SET
selection has no impact on the anti ice system and
the engine and wing anti ice will simply turn on
whenever ice is detected.
Will wing anti ice ever be provided automatically while
the aircraft is on the ground?
Wing anti ice will be provided with wheel speed > 40
knots with the TO DATA SET selected to ALL and the
MODE Selector is selected to AUTO.
What would cause an ENG REF A-I DISAG EICAS
Whenever the MODE selector is ON and the setting in the
TO DATASET MENU would not have normally turned
on the anti ice if the MODE selector were in AUTO.
Explain how the ice detector works
A sensing element is driven to vibrate at its mechanical resonance by an ossilator circuit. Ice build up on the detector is driven by a change in the vibration frequency due to the accumulation of ice.
When is the ICE DET cas message inhibited
17000 ' below airfield or 2 minutes after lift off
What supplies temp readings to the FADEC for engine heat
T2 sensor
What detects an over heat condition in the wing antice
Dual loop over heat detection sensors
If the MCDU is set to OFF for ice detection what will happen
Ice protection would be inhibited on takeoff up to 1700 ft or 2 minutes and the FADEC would command max t/off thrust. If ice was encountered it would have to be commanded on with the icing panel to have protection
If the Ice panel was set to ON and the MCDU was set to off what would you get
A cas messgae for disagrement
What are the wiper cycles on LOW
What are the wiper cycles on HIGH
What are the wiper cycles when set on TIMER
2 strokes w/7 second intervals between strokes
Bleed air for wing antice comes from what stage

Engine antice
Mix of 6th and 10th stage
10th stage
If the wipers are used on a dry motor what will open
The motor will stop
How many heat sensors are contained in the window

1 sensor control
1 overheat monitor
1 spare
Explain the windshield heater control logic
On ground with 1 AC power source available-No WS heat

In flight with 1 AC power source available-Left WS heated only. If the left fails the right will heat
Following no more ice detection when will the system turn off
5 minutes
When are the air data sensor probes and TAT probes heated
Whenever the engines are running
Which slats receive icing protection
Only the 3 outboard
When does systems logic takeover icing protection
1700 feet or 2 minutes after takeoff
How many ADS are on the aircraft
ADS 1,2,3=Headings
ADS5=FLT control (can't monitor)