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What are the characteristics of info processing theories
main focus cognition
-computer metaphor
-task analysis
-thinking process that occurs over time
-change is occuring continuously-constantly and not in abrupt stages
-children are acive problem solvers and over time they plan better
What are the structures in info processing
sensory memory, working memory, long term memory
What are the processes of inf processing
Encoding(automization), processing speed
What are the conclusions of crown et al
over time sensory memory capacity increases-working memoty improves and inhibiting stimuli becomes less relevent
What factors are likely to lead a child not to plan
-Inhibiting action is too difficult
-they tend to be overly optimistic - I can do this w/ out planning
-plans can fail
What are the main points of analogical reasoning
It gets better w/ age because the older we get the more info we have about things the see similarities
what are the strategies of memory
seective attention and rehearsal they use it more as they get older for similar reasons as deciding not to plan
What is the concept of content knowledge
the more someone knows about something the more they will remember new and different aspects of it