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why does piaget's out of sight out of mind theoyr not work
because of the experiment with the bell in the dark with the loop
what are the theories behind a not b
-Memory and conditioned response-they cannot inhibit previously rewarded responses
-representational system is weaker than the motor system
-doesnt have flexible perception actioncoordination-has nothing to do w/ concepualization-the cild is not coordinated enuf to act in accord w/ perceptions
what are the problems w/ a not b error
-Object permanence in place earlier than Piaget thought
What is piagets class inclusion problem
are there more yellow flowers or flowers?
What are Markman's findins about piagets class inclusion problem
said no pre op could understand funny wordind and did mother and father dog and 4 smaller dogs are there more adult or child dogs
WHAT IS THE ORDER OF HEIRARCHICAL relations and which do children generally learn fist
super ordinate(most general)-basic level - subordinate
They learn basic first
how do children learn about differences in the heirarchy of categories
taught by parents
describe what is learned from Quinn and eimas about categorization
how do children Categorize during late infancy & beyond
What were the findings of Krascum and Andrews Gile and wug experiment